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Privacy Policy – Instagram Page

As a business, we respect the privacy of our clients and users of our website. In view of this, this privacy policy is tailored towards clarifying doubts on the information collected on this website. It will enlighten on the following area;

The nature of information you submitted on the website, how we use it and who we are sharing it with.
The various alternatives that you have on the website regarding how you use your personal data.
The security measures on ground that will forestall the misuse of your information within our custody.
How you can make corrections whenever you discover that you previously supplied inaccurate information.
Information Collection, Use and Sharing

We take the privacy of our clients as our top priority and all information we collected on this site belongs to us. It is a known fact that the information at our disposal is what you willingly gave us to via email and other direct contacts. However, it is important for you to know that we strive so hard to maintain our reputation at all time. In view of this, we are assuring you that any of your information at our disposal shall not be sold or rented to anyone.

As part of our privacy policy, we don’t give your information to any third party outside our organization except it becomes important for your request to be fulfilled. Also, in the future any of our team members may contact you to inform you about our special offers that are likely going to suit your requirements.

Your Control over Information

At all time we recognize your right in our privacy policy. This is why anytime you want to opt out from any future contact regarding our services or products; you have the right to do it. It is very simple, what you just have to do is to contact us and give us reasons why you don’t need any further contact from us, we will comply immediately.

Security of clients’ information is an important aspect of our business operation. Whatever information you submit via our website – whether confidential or otherwise, we always take extra steps to ensuring that such information is well protected.

Our website is designed in such a way that whenever sensitive clients’ information are submitted to us via our website, such information is encrypted and sent to us in a very secure way. The security of your information doesn’t end online; we also ensure offline protection of any information submitted to us via our websites. The only people that have access to this information are employees that need them to perform a particular task. Such task could be

We strive so hard to adhere strictly to the content of this privacy policy statement.